At Dynamic Scale we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service we can. We do this by putting the customer first.


Calibrations are routine maintenance of devices to ensure they are working accurately and within there allowable tolerances. They are also a time to correct any issues that have the potential to become major ones at inopportune times. We can calibrate floor scales and bench scales in our Edmonton office and for larger scales have a test truck equipped with 10000kg of certified weights that can come to your site. Our test truck is equipped with all tools required to adjust your scale and parts to repair most issues that same visit. At Dynamic Scale we thoroughly inspect all clearances of a scale before any testing is done. We make note of the as found and as left results on our scale service report, or if you require other documentation we can provide this at no additional charge. We also have scheduled maintenance arrangements where we offer discounted rates on routine calibrations. Email or call if you would like more information on our calibrations.


Our years of experience and 24/7 service allows us to get your scale working as soon a possible. We carry a wide variety of load cells and parts to cover most common scales found in western Canada. What we don’t carry, we can source overnight from our distributors. If you’re having problems with your scale, give us a call and we will get you up and running as soon as possible.


Inspections are done to make a device legal-for-trade. They are normally preformed when a device is brought into service or a major repair is done, replacing the indicator or load cells. With new legislation having been brought in on August 1st 2014, some trade sectors are required to inspect their scales routinely. The government is rolling this out over 24 months using postal codes. Registration with Measurement Canada allows us to inspect scales in these trade sectors. Our range of devices include floor scale, platform scale, cattle scale, truck scale, hopper/tank scale, bulk weigher, on board, price computing and point of sale scales.

Click here to find out if the new legislation applies to your scale. If you have any further questions regarding inspections or the government regulations please contacts us, we would be glad to help.


Dynamic Scale is a distributor of Cardinal Scales entire product line for northern Alberta. We are also dealers for Rice Lake Weighing Systems and Any Load. Access to these major companies allows us to provide you with the best possible product for your needs. For more information or a quote on our products please call or email us.